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MicroNugget: What is Netflow?

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In this video, Keith Barker covers NetFlow and how to understand traffic patterns that are coursing through your network. He sets up and uses the common tool that inspects requests, sees who the top talkers of a network are, and figures out what the top destinations are.

When faced with network management's central challenge of understanding what's going through the network, you won't find a better tool than NetFlow. When you need to compare the amount of HTTP traffic to DNS traffic, or see how much ICNP traffic you're getting, or who your network's top talkers are and what their destinations are, you need NetFlow. Using NetFlow can provide you with a security baseline of your traffic and make finding anomalies that much easier. It can change anticipating a new application's impact on traffic patterns from a shot in the dark to an accurate estimate. You'll follow along as Keith configures NetFlow on-screen to view ports, protocols, versions and address configurations, then exports the data to a tool specially made for visualizing the data, creating graphs, and producing reports.

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What is NetFlow?

This video I provide a basic overview of the topic what is Cisco
NetFlow. A flow cache is introduced, how it works as well as reporting on the data. It provides the foundational basics necessary if you want to understand many of my other training videos.

How to Configure NetFlow for Cisco Routers and Switches Running IOS

Learn more:

This video will show you how to configure a Cisco® router to export NetFlow data using NetFlow version 9, also known as Flexible NetFlow. Depending on the Cisco device you are using, there may be additional steps required to successfully collect ingress and egress flow data. However, in general, there are four basic steps to capturing flow data using Flexible NetFlow: create a flow record, create a flow exporter, create a flow monitor, and apply the flow monitor to interfaces.

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